Diagnostic Coding

Guided diagnostic support for your car with faults and our expert advice on how to fix it. Online remote coding support, enable disable hidden features functions for car owners.

OEM Retrofits

We support European cars’ OEM retrofits upgrade from low spec to advanced options, older style to newer style, audio system, head light, infotainment, CarPlay wireless etc.

ECU Performance

AUTOSVS have been partner with DIMSport Asia since 2016, we wholesale DIMSport tools and ECU tuning software, we offer training and provide ECU chip tuning solution

Spare Parts

Mainly focus on the OEM retrofits and performance spare parts supply from Germany, we provide wiring harness and technical manuals with our know how coding support remote

Main Focus

Dealer Based Technical Support

Our support is OEM diagnostic tool based, you can easily programme your brand new / 2nd hand ECU modules, unlock component with immobiliser, front-end, rear-end programming, VTS module disable, OEM retrofitting coding programming support like 360 surround-view camera, night view camera, ACC pro, Burmester High-end Audio system, Auto Sport Spoiler, CarPlay Androidauto activation, Full-screen CarPlay etc.

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More than 20 year experience in industry

Our support team offer Internet-based remote teamviewer for OEM dealer based coding programming support, ECU chip tuning, key programming, immobiliser and dealership online support, tools’ functionality, and more.

We can help building up your expert reputation

We have been involved with OEM diagnostic tool and OEM retrofits, OEM engineering system technical training like BMW Esys, Mercedes vediamo/DTS Monaco and Porsche PIWIS 2/3 and JLR SDD Pathfinder. Our daily operations have been involving with thousands of OEM upgrades/retrofits and products research and development.

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Enjoy OBD2 Enet Diagnose
in 2023-2024 Vehicles

Remote support

Need Help? Remote Support

We support our global customers with remote system setup, installation, updates, remote coding, programming ECU models, technical manuals like wiring diagrams, installation manuals check etc.

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