Types of Sensors

Types of Sensors The global sensor market has been developing with a sustained and stable growth trend In recent years, and companies from various countries are competing to accelerate the development and industrialization of sensors. Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada have become the fastest growing regions in the sensor market, while the United States, Germany and Japan are still the countries with the largest sensor market distribution. 230103003450693 1 According to the application and characteristics, sensor is classified as follows: Level Sensors: detect or measure the level of liquids, gases or solids in pipelines or storage tanks, or to detect interfaces between dissimilar materials. Force transducers: measure static or dynamic forces or torques. Tension Sensors: measuring, monitoring or adjusting tension in cables, fibers, belts, sheets and other webs. Displacement Sensors are devices used to detect (optical, Hall effect, inductive, etc.) or measure changes in displacement. Linear Position Sensors: to measure the linear displacement of an object. Encoded Sensors are used in motion feedback devices to provide position and velocity information to closed-loop control systems. Tilt Sensors are sensors or instruments used to detect inclination relative to the horizontal, rotational position, angular velocity or linear acceleration. There are other more types like, Humidity, Temperature, Gas, Flow, Torque Transducers, Speed, Proximity, Rotary Position, Orientation Position Sensors, Vibration and Acceleration Sensors, Audio, Vision, Environmental; Density, Vacuum Sensors, Viscosity, Safety Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Electromagnetic Sensors, M12 connector cable As an important connection accessory to sensor devices, quality M12 connector cable play a critical role to the whole application. Yeahui manufacturing wide range of M12 extension cable, PCB mount connector, splitter and etc . contact us for your OEM/ODM request! a li1 6 a li2 6 a li3 6 a li5 6

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