Application of Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

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Application of Wire Harness and Cable Assembly The primary purpose of a wire harness is to group various cables for better connectivity. This harness helps in keeping electrical systems organized by preventing individual cables running all over the place. A wire harness has a limited load capacity depending on the number and sizes of bundled cables. It is good to use for indoor applications since they are not durable to withstand environmental threats such as extreme heat, dust, friction, and moisture. Application of Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Therefore, it has a protected external casing for securing the cables. For instance, the motor of a washing machine has a single wire harness. The wire harness has a protected case to protect it from any harmful substance that can cause to short circuit. A cable assembly has a force-resistant coating, the reason why it is perfect for outdoor usage. The exterior sleeve that covers the wire bundle has a special protective quality that a wire harness cannot offer. With a designed rubber, vinyl, or thermoplastic options for the covering, a cable assembly can handle many environmental stresses. Subsequently, if the application needed has to undergo heat exposure, moisture, dust, friction, or chemicals, then it is wise to go with a specialized assembly to protect the product. Cable assemblies’ utilization benefits a variety of industries such as aerospace, military, oilfield, healthcare, and electronics. Yahui is a professional wire harness assembly supplier in China. We have been in the wire harness industry for 13 years. Wire harness assembly is a very common thing for us. If you need wire harness processing or cable assembly, you can contact We, I believe you will not be disappointed. a li1 18 a li2 18 a li3 18 a li5 18

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