What is BMW FSC code?

bmw fsc code

What is FSC code BMW?

BMW FSC code is a certification authorized by the BMW group. It’s very Microsoft-like. The BMW FSC is generated by the BMW server in an encrypted method when the BMW group produces their cars. For example, updating the BMW navigation systems requires a special code known as an “FSC Code” in order to be updated or to switch to a different version of BMW navigation maps. So many people need to get a BMW FSC code to update their navigation maps. To activate your BMW Apple CarPlay you need the BMW FSC code for EVO ID4/5/6 and MGU ID7 and ID8.

The “Vehicle Order” (VO) is a configuration-related term that is used to define BMW FSC content, such as the various Microsoft software versions available. Of course, some low-configuration models will have fewer FSCs according to the car’s specifications.

What can Autosvs supply with FSC codes?

What is the FSC code for a BMW map update?

You will need a special 20-digit code called a BMW Map FSC Code to update the navigation system in your BMW or Mini. You can only update the navigation maps with this FSC code once. If you want to get more updates, you will have to buy a new code.
The VIN number and map version of your car are linked to the FSC code. If you put in the wrong VIN number or choose the wrong Map-Version, we can’t give you your money back. For retrofitted head units, we need the VIN/Chassis number of the donor vehicle. Check out the terms and conditions.
Your BMW warranty won’t be void if you update your maps, because we get the files directly from BMW’s database and the codes are the same as at a dealership.
DO NOT buy codes from other places that are cheap. A lot of sellers get the code by using software that can be hacked. Be aware that these unofficial codes will void the factory warranty on your BMW. When your BMW goes to the dealer for service, the codes may be turned off.

How to decide which BMW maps to use?

Get in your car, press the Nav button on your controller, and then press the Options button. Scroll down the “Navigation System Version” menu to the last row. It will show the maps that are currently installed.
For example Road Map Europe Premium 2014-1. The car needs the PREMIUM map version in this case. No other version (like MOTION, MOVE, NEXT, etc.) will work on this car, so make sure you get the right one.

What do you want to buy?

Please keep in mind that you are only buying the FSC code. This doesn’t include the data that needs to be downloaded to the map in order to finish the map update. We also give you instructions for iDrive that show you how to enter or update the FSC code when you update your maps.
If you want to buy Maps + FSC Code + Detailed Instructions, you can buy them from us.
Please note that there is no help or guidance if your navigation update doesn’t work. This is because the map update files and extraction were done wrong.

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